Founded in 2004, Passos da Criança is a non lucrative organization that has been working for children for about 14 years. It has been generating impact through the integral development for children and adolescents between the ages 5 through 13 years old, in Vila das Torres – Curitiba/PR.

Adilson Pereira de Souza - Founder of Passos da Criança

Adilson Pereira de Souza – Founder of Passos da Criança

A story … the story of a boy who at the age five, began working on the streets in Vila das Torres community, looking to help his family. But over the years, he started living on the streets and joined dozens of other children who also lived in the streets of Curitiba, living in that situation until he was 15 years old. No later, he was being awarness about the dangers that entails living on the streets. Then, he was taken to an institutional shelter, where he learned to write and read  and started to study Social Work.

A dream… after this experience, at the age of 24, he came back to Vila das Torres with a desire for changing and transformation over the conditions of the community. It was then, that with the support of volunteers,  they decided to create an institution to prevent children and adolescents experience similar situations to those that he had to live in his childhood.

A mission… in this way, in 2004, Passos da Criança born in Vila das Torres, an NGO that promotes the integral development of children and adolescents, in order that they are agents of their own transformation and the environment in which they live.


Promote the integral development of children and adolescents in situations of social vulnerability.


To be a reference institution in the social transformation of children and adolescents.


Passion for the cause
Qualified hering
People relationships


Our institution promotes interaction, collaboration and mutual development which strengthen the ties that integrate the child and adolescent with their family and the community.

Children and Youth Development Program

Actions aimed to the kids development.

Family Integration Program

Actions aimed at the kids and the integration with their families.

Community Integration Program

Actions aimed at the development of the community and the neighborhood.


We believe and work to build a better world. Therefore, we are connected to the following SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.


Passos da Criança offers weekly 16 collaboration workshops and activities related to development of knowledge, art, culture, sports and recreation.

Cultural and recreational walks


Children cared for in 2017
Daily meals
People impacted directly in 2017
Children cared for until today

Volunteers &
Exchange Students

Be a volunteer in Passos da Criança!

We have a tradition in receiving volunteers and exchange students from other countries. Until now (april 2018), there have been more than 12 people that we received from countries such as France, Switzerland, Turkey, Mexico, Morocco, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela.


support us

Support to Passos da Criança!

With your help and collaboration we can transform and improve the life quality of children and teenagers.


From $ 1.5 you can help Passos da Criança to reach more and more children.


By donating one time and in the value that is most suitable for you, you will already be making a difference!


For other values or if you prefer to make a deposit:

CNPJ: 07.180.014/0001-83
Bank: Banco do Brasil
Agency: 3007-4
Current account: 40150-1

*CNPJ: Cadastro Nacional de Pessoa Jurídica


Passos da Criança has partners who believe in the positive impact and social transformation that integral development generates in the children and adolescent lives.

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Contact us through our whatsapp, phone or email, and if you like you can send us a message right here.

  • Address: Rua Manoel Martins de Abreu, 22 - Jardim Botânico (Vila das Torres) - Curitiba/PR
  • Phone: +55 41 3016-3501
  • Whatsapp: +55 41 9 9993-4583
  • contato@passosdacrianca.org.br

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